Saturday, September 1, 2012

Books on Menswear - ABC of Men's Fashion

There are a lot of books on men's fashion, and I think I either own or have read my fair share of them. One of the most entertaining books I've ever read on the topic is definitely "ABC of Men's Fashion" by Hardy Amies.

This book contains a lot of advice - or maybe rather commandments - on men's fashion by Hardy Amies himself. Despite its structure it isn't objective or matter-of-fact, as it's basically a collection of Hardy's rants on almost everything related to clothing and menswear. Maybe you'll learn something, I'm not sure, but I can guarantee that you'll get a good laugh. I'm sure, Hardy Amies was a fun, amusing and entertaining character.

To me this is just a perfect example of his witty brilliance, and there are plenty more.


"A patterned silk fabric for women's dress and for upholstery. It should remain there."

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